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Cornerstone Dental Seminars

Attendees will gain a well-rounded educational experience—from a practical foundation for the implant novice to nuanced answers for problems encountered by clinicians who are already placing implants. Small class sizes and adequate mentors assure each attendee has appropriate attention paid to their individual needs.


Cornerstone Dental Seminars

This was an incredible course! From the amount of time invested in the didactic training portion to the live patient care, I was very impressed. I am a general dentist who has never placed an implant except for 1 in residency. I was quite nervous but looking forward to it. The combination of a periodontist having CEREC restorative experience and a general dentist with a ton of practical experience with implants and the digital workflow made this course very attractive. I couldn’t have been happier. I was able to place 5 implants, do 2 sinus bumps, and a bone graft in 2 days. An added bonus is that Jeremy will keep us updated on how the implant integration goes, and he will ultimately restore these cases. I gained a ton of confidence and knowledge both didactic and chairside that will give me the skills I need to begin placing implants on my own. Thanks, Farhad and Jeremy!

Steve Vongluekiat, DDS


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Cornerstone Dental Seminars